Enrollment Process


  • Step 1: Fill out Intake Application WIOA Eligibility Application form. Please have a scanned copy or take a picture of:

    1. State Identification or Birth Certificate

    2. Social Security Card or Alternate method verifying youth's SSID. 

    3. Parent or guardian proof of income from last 30 days (2 most recent paystubs)

    4. Selective Service Registration (if male aged 18 or older).

  • Step 2: If you're deemed eligible for the program, a member of our team will contact you to schedule an appointment with your assigned AMP Coach. They will help guide you through the program and help assist you along your career journey! You'll set up an appointment with them to complete your Comprehensive assessment and Individual Opportunity Plan (IOP).

  • Step 3: You will receive a letter with the status of your approval into the program!



The following documents must be completed for a youth to complete enrollment in the LTWLA Career Zone's AMP Program.  Eligibility based off a variety of factors will be re-determined every six months. 


Intake Application Form: The intake application should be completed with the youth's parent/guardian present as well as the member of the LTWLA staff.  Appointments for applications can be completed in person as well as virtually.  

Comprehensive Assessment: The comprehensive assessment will help our staff better get to know each youth and their strengths ad weaknesses. This document only needs to be completed once by the youth and their parent/guardian.

IOP (Individual Opportunity Plan): IOP's will be be redone at least every 3 months.  This document is a living breathing document that will outline a plan for each youth to reach their educational and occupational goals.  

Student Release Form: This document needs to be completed and signed by both the youth and their parent/guardian.  This document will need to be resubmitted yearly.  

WIOA Complaint Form: This document is only to be completed once by the youth and their parent/guardian.