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6 Weeks Later: Ready 2 Earn Participant Passes His CDL Test and Earns Employment!

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

Ready 2 Earn was a successful summer program for many of the young adults who took advantage of the opportunity. We checked in with one of the participants, Kenneth Yates, who successfully passed his CDL test and earned employment with Anderson Concrete!

Anthony Murphy interviewed Kenneth about his process for passing the test, along with the challenges he faced along the way before LTWLA connected him with Anderson Concrete. He's now reaping the rewards of having a 401 (k) retirement account, future safety bonuses, and seeing firsthand how that factors into his overall benefits package.

When asked about the advice he would give someone who is thinking about participating in the CDL program with LTWLA, Kenneth says, "Definitely ask questions...and make sure you [understand]. Trust the process." Everyone can use this advice, and we appreciate Kenneth for sharing! Check out the full interview below:

Congratulations Kenneth on this major accomplishment!

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