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Horizon Science Academy Students Visit Columbus Downtown Hilton

November 10, 2022

Horizon Science students visited the Downtown Columbus Hilton Hotel and were very intrigued by the numerous careers the hotel chain had to offer. They've officially opened the doors to its second tower, making it the largest hotel in Ohio. The hotel signifies the continued growth of Columbus and the ability to welcome major events and conventions in the city. The students enjoyed the art displayed throughout the halls, the hospitality of the different departments and seeing Hilton employees who loved their jobs and had the willingness to come speak with them. The students wanted to fill out applications and work for Hilton as soon as they could because of the pure hospitality displayed. During the 45-minute tour of the gorgeous facility, students observed the suites, pool, workout area, restaurants, the front and back of the house, offices, and so much more. We would like to thank The Downtown Hilton Columbus for the opportunity!

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