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Horizon Science Student Highlights

March 13, 2023

At Horizon this week, we have a couple students we want to highlight. First is Ibrahima Bah, he is a senior attending Horizon Science Academy HS. He is an active member in the classroom, in the community and around the school.

He has applied to The Ohio State University-Newark Campus and The University of Toledo, and has been accepted to both schools. He is now in the process of deciding which school he would like to go to.

The next student is, Salman Nurani. He has been spending his free time volunteering with the Empower Our Youth Foundation with Tonya Kelly and their mission is "to build confidence, social-emotional learning tools in kids by empowering them to 'Stop Being Silent' against bullying, by teaching bullying prevention and bringing awareness to all forms of bullying." He has been a vital part in helping the successes of students in the Impower Our Youth Foundation this year so far. He completed all of his required community service hours with Empower Our Youth!

A message from Tonya Kelly, M.Ed. (Founder/Executive Director), "Salman was the most amazing, professional, well-rounded, young adult that I've worked with. He was great joy, did a great job, and everyone has nothing but great things to say about him."

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