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LTWLA Explores Career Horizons at COTA Bus Headquarters

Thursday, January 12, 2024

Lead The Way Learning Academy Embarks on an Educational Journey to COTA Bus Headquarters. Recently, Lead The Way Learning Academy organized a trip for the youth from The Charles School and The Graham School to visit the COTA Bus Headquarters. This trip provided a unique opportunity for the students to delve into COTA's apprenticeship program and explore potential career pathways.

During the visit, the youth were treated to an insightful tour of the facilities, gaining firsthand knowledge about COTA's day-to-day operations. Certified specialists on-site generously shared their expertise, allowing the students to inquire about various aspects, including education requirements, steps for career advancement within the company, and more.

COTA's commitment to education and career development was evident throughout the tour. The youth were exposed to a wide array of opportunities, ranging from engineering and mechanics to CDL courses and pathways to college. COTA also emphasized its support for continued education by offering tuition reimbursement—a valuable resource for aspiring individuals seeking to further their knowledge.

One of the highlights of the day was the introduction to the coach cleaner position at COTA. The students were not only informed about the position but were also encouraged to apply if they met the requirements, opening doors to potential future employment. In addition to providing valuable educational and career insights, COTA took pride in sharing its remarkable journey of 50 years in service. The company has garnered numerous awards for innovation, technology, cleanliness, and maintaining high passenger numbers—a testament to its dedication and excellence in the transportation industry.

Lead The Way Learning Academy extends heartfelt gratitude to COTA for hosting this enlightening field trip and expresses appreciation to our wonderful tour guide, Alonzo, for guiding the students through this immersive career awareness experience. The trip not only broadened the students' perspectives on potential career paths but also served as a source of inspiration for their future endeavors.

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