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Ready 2 Earn - Week 2 Recap

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

Work Readiness Cohort

Week 2 Recap

This week, our young adults:

  • created and perfected their resume;

  • learned about having different perspectives, and how that can help make better decisions;

  • discussed and learned about the importance of teamwork with open and clear communication; and

  • participated in ice breakers where they learned they all have more in common with one another than they have differences.

Employer Visits

FST Logistics and A Plus Staffing came to the classroom to present their service to our participants. Everyone was engaged and participants had great questions! They are excited about A Plus returning AND our visit to the FST Logistics facility. Stay tuned next week!

Congratulations to our Leader of the Week - Keilah Cox!

Keilah displayed her leadership skills in the classroom from the very first day! She is a great team player, participating in group conversations, while effortlessly involving her peers. She demonstrated punctuality, took initiative, and always lead the discussion or didn’t have an issue expressing her opinion in not only a professional, but respectful way. Keilah has a go getter attitude and her energy is felt when she enters the room. It is only right that she is the Leader of the Week.

Congratulations Keilah! We know that you will achieve all your goals. Keep up the hard work and dedication.

Pre-Apprentice Cohort

Week 2 Recap

This week, Participants took a class to obtain their OSHA-10 certification card. The class was taught by David Busch, going over:

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), tools and safety practices. PPE that were talked about were gloves, eye-wear and hard hats;

  • the importance of PPE in this line of work;

  • jobs in this field, including others that are linked to the OSH-10; and

  • the advantages of having the OSHA-10 card when obtaining a job in this field.

After doing their own research in this area, students had the opportunity to do a presentation to the entire class.

Pre-Apprentice program classes are the same as those offered at Columbus State Community College (CSCC) Hard Hat and Turner Construction. Classes are designed to prepare participants for entry into apprenticeship opportunities with OSHA-10 General Constructions. After completing 12 hours of class instruction with OSHA-10, participants will:

  • receive their OSHA-10 Certification card

  • get a remedial math class with a CSCC curriculum consisting of: whole numbers, fractions, decimals, percentages, ratios/proportions, two and three dimensional geometry, Pythagorean theorem and simple algebra -- all done with construction examples and applications in mind.

  • learn basic blueprint reading, introduction to manual drafting, and simple intro to AutoCad

  • get a general overview of the different trades and interactions between the construction industry.

  • gain employability skills for construction trades such as: expectations, knowledge requirements, safety, resume, etc.

  • earn their CPR/First Aid certifications

Congratulations to our Leader of the Week - Music Thornton!

Music graduated from Eastmoor Academy High School. She will be attending The Ohio State University in the fall, majoring in Civil Engineering. Music says, "OSHA training has allowed me to explore the dangers of the construction work place and help me jump-start my thinking as an engineer as to what I can do to limit worksite accidents."

Congratulations Music, and best of luck as you continue your studies down the street at OSU!

CDL Cohort

Week 2 Recap

This week, our CDL group continued to prepare for their general knowledge test with the DMV. Each student was transported and took their general knowledge test on June 24, 2022.

Congratulations to our Leader of the Week - Jayahn King!

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