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Ready 2 Earn - Week 5 Recap

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

Work Readiness Cohort

This week, our young adults:

  • had the opportunity to speak to and work with Peerro for their Student Engagement role

  • spoke with BBI Logistics about their Customer Service, Sales and Overnight Dispatcher roles

  • were engaged in these organizations and took advantage of the opportunity; multiple young adults applied and have interviews scheduled with both companies!

Men's Wearhouse Visit

  • Our group visited Men’s Wearhouse this past week, learning how to tie a tie, with many finding out that they "cleaned up" very nicely! If you look good, you feel good!

  • They were able to talk to the hiring managers and get good interviewing tips.

  • The most important piece of information they got was, to simply be themselves.

  • The highlight of the trip was Mikeia Carr doing mock interview and getting hired on the spot!

Congratulations to our Leader of the Week - Allen Wright-Clardy!

Allen started the week of 7/11 and came in ready to go! He expressed to his peers that he is interested in getting into the film industry and didn’t hesitate to bring in his camera. Taking off-guard shots of his peers, it was clear he is a people person. He is also very punctual.

Congratulations Allen, we know you will make it far in any career path you choose!

Pre-Apprentice Cohort

This week, our young adults:

  • took a trip to National Skilled Trades Network (NSTN)'s facility, where they heard from speakers who taught about the various types and the proper names of the tools they use, including wood and metal files, spade shoves and more

  • learned the proper way to use a measuring tape

  • took a facility visit to Construction Systems INC (CSi) and Atlas Door and Hardware to learn more about their services offered in the Greater Columbus area

  • toured the facilities, warehouse and the products they sell such as wood & metal doors and frames, as well as aluminum frames

Congratulations to our Leader of the Week - Jerome Snell!

This bright young man graduated from Groveport-Madison High School and is currently enrolled at Akron University for jewelry and design. Jerome played football and also competed in track & field. He will be continuing his sports dreams and will be playing football for AU! He also participated in the Leadership Excellence training, and Lean 6 Sigma yellow and green belt training, which helped him learn and develop leadership skills. He completed projects and tests, and received certifications for all three!

Best of luck at the next level, we have no doubt you will have continued success!

CDL Cohort

This week, our young adults:

  • continued testing at the BMV for Class B general knowledge and air brakes

  • had the chance to practice maneuvers in a school bus and a box truck; and

  • received a visit from Anderson Concrete, who discussed their benefits and job opportunities.


LTWLA Students Take the Road!

On Friday, Abeneza had the chance to drive a box truck on the highway! We asked Abeneza how his experience went and he said, “It went well. It was very similar to driving a regular car, I just have to get used to making wide turns.”

Congratulations to our Leader of the Week - Akyndra!

Akyndra Martin

Congratulations to Akyndra Martin for

being awarded our Leader of the week.

Akyndra attended the Peerro field trip

with our Job Readiness group and was

offered a position for student


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