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The Charles School Seniors Begin Lean Six Sigma Training

Updated: Mar 14

Thursday, March 7, 2024

LTWLA has initiated its inaugural Lean Six Sigma (LSS) cohort at its headquarters, led by instructor Mrs. Che, specifically tailored for dedicated seniors from The Charles School (TCS). The program encompasses Leadership Excellence, Yellow Belt, and Green Belt components, resulting in a comprehensive 12-point industry-recognized credential. This initiative enables students to enter the workforce with honed skills in problem-solving, collaboration, solution-based methods planning, and cost reduction analysis.

The LSS program follows a 5-step improvement cycle that not only benefits the students, but also positively impacts their respective schools, communities, and the overall environment. Recognized by the Ohio Department of Education, Lean Six Sigma serves as an alternative requirement, facilitating credit completion towards graduation. Currently, TCS and LTW are collaborating to establish additional cohorts in both the fall and spring, extending the program to their partner school, The Graham School.

A special thanks to Mrs. Che and the LSS curriculum for their efforts in educating and expanding the skillset of the youth, contributing to a more promising future. 

For more information about Lean Six Sigma through Maximum Potential, please visit their site:


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