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Self-Exploration Skills: The ability to identify personal interests, skills, and values to better understand oneself and inform decisions. 

  • Learning style assessments 

  • Personality assessments

  • Career Assessment

  • Explore Careers / Job Shadow (virtual)

  • Develop Career Plan/Goals

Career Exploration Skills: The ability to identify and analyze various career options and interests in terms of what education, training, experience, and competencies are required for success. 

  • Explore labor market conditions to determine relative availability of various careers, average wages, and benefits of selected jobs.   *OMJ Incorporated 

  • Identify additional learning experiences and skills needed for careers of interest. 

  • Identify secondary and postsecondary courses and/or training required to prepare for career pathways of interest. 

  • Worksite Visits

  • College Workshops/Visits

  • Guests Speakers

  • Job Shadow

  • Research

Career Planning & Management Skills: Various skills needed to maintain employability and navigate career changes throughout the lifespan. 

  • Work readiness training including soft skills, social and emotional skills, professional behavior, and critical thinking skills. 

  • Engage in financial management activities including financial literacy and benefits planning. 

  • Create resumes, cover letters and requests for letters of recommendation.

  • Practice and prepare for interviews through mock interviews. Develop strategies for phone and video interviews. 

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