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Congratulations to Horizon Science Academy's Class of 2024

Saturday, May 25, 2024

The students of Horizon Science Academy graduated today and partook in an amazing commencement displaying hard work, academic achievement, and a drive for success. Two of our very own LTWLA youth were the student speakers at graduation and class presidents of the 2024 class. They spoke on the grit and courage their classmates demonstrated by entering high school in 2020, amidst all of the difficulties and traumas of COVID-19, and making it through to the end. The students are: Anwar Ali and Moussogbe Sophie Keita. Of the 16 students who were denoted as honors graduates, six were Lead The Way youth and they are listed below:

  • Lilyvester Boachie

  • Sukeyna Jama

  • Moussogbe Sophie Keita

  • Sadia Mohamud

  • Daunte Notoma

  • Morena Rivera Martinez

Congratulation to the graduating class of 2024 at Horizon Science Academy!


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