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One Last Fellowship Together for the HSA Class of 2024

Updated: May 15

 Friday, May 10, 2024

Today marked the Senior Breakfast and Superlative announcements. "It was a privilege and an honor to watch the seniors enjoy a good meal, laugh, and relish in each other's presence one last time together," stated LTWLA Career Coach Specialist Johnny Sinkfield. "I can tell they've formed bonds with one another that will extend beyond high school. I'm grateful I was allowed to be a part of the village."

The students had the opportunity to listen to the final announcements and superlative awards led by LTWLA youth Anwar Ali and Sophie Keita. Sophie and Anwar, who also serve as the Co-Student Council presidents of the student body, are shining examples of leadership and dedication. As only a few days remain before they receive their high school diplomas, let their journey inspire the entire Horizon Science Academy Hawks class of 2024. Keep soaring, for your futures are as bright as your spirits!


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