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TGS Senior Symposium Presentations

Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Today, TGS graduating seniors presented their Senior Symposium presentations, and the rising seniors and the lower classmen all got to observe and learn from their experiences. Lead The Way Learning Academy (LTWLA) had 11 youth doing their symposiums in the span of a few hours. Their A.M.P. Career Coach, Alyson, made it a point to go see her participants in the throes of their time in the spotlight. Coach Alyson visited all 11 students and enjoyed a portion of their presentations, snapping a photo in the process. These students created in-depth slide shows that highlighted their years at The Graham School (TGS) , including the pros and cons of each grade level. They shared what it was that brought them to TGS in the first place and then landed on how impactful their senior year was because of its one-of-a-kind Walkabout program. 

In the collage below, from left to right in rows of 3, we see each senior presenting on their time at TGS:

Ayeesha got to learn about dog training in her Walkabout, fitting nicely with her veterinarian interests. The middle photo features the three automotive seniors peeking under the hood together during a pause between presentations (their individual presentations are detailed below). Thirdly, we see Nia who joyfully shared about her Walkabout with the Columbus Children Choir which aligned with her love for singing. Last summer's LTWLA Event Planning/Podcasting internship made an impression on her, because it pushed her toward her other love, sport analysis.

The 4th photo depicts Zero talking about how his Walkabout involved an open-mic poetry performance and how incredible it was to face public-speaking head-on. Qua’Jenee talked about how special it was that her Walkabout allowed her to shadow her mother at the nursing home where she works because it helped cement her decision to go into the medical field. Jaeden said his Walkabout was awesome because it allowed for great earning potential and learning more about cars, his greatest passion. It was certainly a good fit after his LTWLA summer Automotive Pre-apprenticeship last year. 

The 7th photo shows Kristen sharing that her Walkabout had her spending hours with babies at a local daycare. This turned into a full-time position that starts the Monday after the graduation ceremony! Kevin, too, had a great Walkabout, but for him, it was his LTWLA summer Automotive internship last year that turned into an apprenticeship that starts immediately after graduation. Izzy loved her Walkabout, which was split between the Legal Aid Society and Hot Topic. She appreciated learning that office work really suits her and plans to pursue management! 

In the 10th photo, Phoenix shares that his Walkabout had him doing what he loves; he worked with an author on composing his first novel. Mariah’s Walkabout was between her Kroger job and shadowing at a hair salon, and she is glad to know that customer service is not going to be in her future. She is more driven than ever to pursue schooling to become an ultrasound tech! Jesus’ Walkabout was also automotive-centric, and it was an excellent addition to his LTWLA summer automotive pre-apprenticeship last year. Both experiences helped confirm his hopes to open his own shop one day.

This year’s Senior Symposium day was a little extra special. The CEO of Lead The Way Learning Academy, Mr. Anthony Murphy, made a personal appearance because he his good relationships with the three seniors Jaeden, Kevin, and Jesus. He enjoyed coming to see their presentations and took it to heart that their LTWLA summer internships had impacted each of them in different, powerful ways. He was proud to see them reach graduation, and he knows that the world’s vehicles will be safer with these young men under the hoods.

Congratulations to the TGS Seniors, Class of 2024!


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