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TGS Students Embrace Vulnerability During Fishbowl Experience

Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Today marked the day that several of our LTWLA juniors earned their pins, commemorating their transition from junior to senior year! Pictured here are five LTWLA youth who braved the hot seat, centered in the middle of the fishbowl (metaphorically!) while their teachers and peers were free to ask candid questions about their experiences at The Graham School. They were tasked with presenting to fishbowl on-lookers the stories of their growth from freshman year through the end of their junior year, both academically and personally. It was inspiring to see each student be vulnerable in front of an audience and show such maturity in the recounting of their high school adventures, whether challenging or even humorous in nature! The fishbowl experience is a precursor to the senior symposium that all TGS seniors will do; so it serves as great practice for building public-speaking skills and proving to themselves they are capable of a high-pressure presentation.


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