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The Graham School's Black and White Ball Themed Prom

Friday, May 3, 2024

The Graham School held its annual prom at Mozart's Bakery with a black and white ball theme. The tables sported white trees with fairy lights, glittery black tree figures, and a single red rose. There were two “scenes” for taking photos and even silly props to spark some laughter. DJs and catering added to the magic of the night by offering songs to dance to and sweet and savory treats to please the taste buds.

Teachers, who chaperoned in shifts, could not believe their eyes at the sight of their students dressed in such formal attire as high heels, tiaras, and suits. The jewelry and make-up were out of this world, and the dazzling smiles were endless. A few Lead The Way participants who formed the prom committee gleamed with pride as their designs and decoration ideas were displayed for all to enjoy. This prom served as a lovely bow atop the academic year, and the students were ecstatic and grateful for the special occasion. A heartfelt thank-you goes out to The Graham School for creating this milestone event that the students will remember for years to come.


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