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2023 Franklinton Homecoming: Night At the Disco Ball

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

Saturday, October 28, 2023

Franklinton High School's 2023 Homecoming was a night to remember, boasting an impressive turnout by the students. Coach Fred graced the event to support the youth associated with LTWLA.

Among the highlights was Leila Famurewa's participation in the Homecoming court, where she was proudly crowned Franklinton's 2023 Homecoming Queen! She did a great job and this achievement was truly well-deserved. Additionally, making a stylish statement at the event was none other than the legend, Giovanni Moss.

Coach Fred expressed, "I wholeheartedly appreciate their involvement in the program. Having the opportunity to celebrate these youth is such a fulfilling experience. The Fall Homecoming was one for the books! And, congratulations to our very own Leila!"

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