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LTWLA Celebrates Success at GMHS Football Combine

Tuesday, May 7, 2024

Today, LTWLA youth showcased their athleticism and determination at a citywide football combine, hosted at various high schools, including Groveport-Madison High School (GMHS). With over 25 colleges and universities in attendance, the event provided an excellent platform for promising student-athletes to showcase their skills and capture the attention of recruiters from colleges and universities of all levels.

Amongst the excitement of the combine, three outstanding youth from our program left their mark on the field. Their participation not only highlighted their individual talent but also emphasized LTWLA's commitment to support excellence in both academics and athletics.

This event stood as a testament to the dedication and resilience of student-athletes such as Keishaun Calhoun, Dominique Carter, and Imar Dunlap. The three rising seniors hope to restore a winning culture at GMHS this fall. Calhoun is a 3-star DL prospect in the class of 2025 and holds over 10 division one scholarship offers.  Dominique Carter is expected to be the lead back for the Cruisers, while Imar is poised to be the slot receiver. All of these youth walked away from the event with connections and relationships forged with college coaches, paving the way for future opportunities and mentorship in their athletic journey.

As the football combine wrapped up, the energy and passion shown by all the participants were a powerful reminder of how sports can positively shape youth. LTWLA remains committed to its mission to help young people discover their life’s passion by providing purpose, direction, motivation, and opportunities.

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