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LTWLA Hosts Incentive Party at Horizon Science Academy

Updated: Feb 21

Thursday, February 8, 2024

Lead The Way Learning Academy recently celebrated the accomplishments of its students through the "Grade Card Incentive Party," held at Horizon Science Academy. This event was designed to honor the Achieve More and Prosper youth who have shown exceptional academic success in the second quarter of the school year. In recognition of their hard work and dedication, the students were treated to pizza and other refreshments, providing a tangible acknowledgment of their achievements. The celebration served not only as a reward for current participants but also as an engaging introduction to high school juniors interested in joining the program, offering them a firsthand look at the community and support system they could become a part of.

The gathering proved to be a valuable opportunity for interaction and networking. High school juniors interested in the Achieve More and Prosper program were introduced to the benefits and support system the program offers. They were provided with not just information but also a taste of the community spirit through shared meals and discussions. The event facilitated a meaningful exchange between current program participants and prospective members, allowing existing students to share their positive experiences and the impact the program has had on their academic journey. This peer-to-peer interaction was instrumental in showcasing the program's value from a student's perspective, enhancing the recruitment process with genuine testimonials.

Reflecting on the event, Lead The Way Learning Academy remains committed to celebrating and promoting the academic achievements of its students. The success of the "Grade Card Incentive Party" underscores the importance of acknowledging student efforts and fostering a supportive community that encourages academic excellence. As the academy looks forward to future events and milestones, it continues to prioritize opportunities that highlight student accomplishments, further motivating them towards greater achievements. The academy's dedication to its students' success is a testament to its mission of empowering youth through education, support, and recognition.


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