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Memorable Moments from the 2024 GMHS Prom

Friday, May 3, 2024

Groveport-Madison High School recently hosted its much-anticipated prom, and what a night it was! The atmosphere was filled with excitement and elegance as students, staff, and community members came together to celebrate our youth as they prepare to embark on new adventures. Lead The Way had the honor of co-hosting/attending the event. Our presence added an extra layer of fun and support, ensuring every attendee had a memorable experience.

The highlight of the evening was undoubtedly seeing our young adults dressed to impress and thoroughly enjoying themselves. From stunning dresses to sharp suits, everyone looked absolutely fabulous!

Principal Altman expressed his gratitude to us, and all involved, for consistently showing up for the youth of Groveport Madison. It's clear our dedication and positive impact on the lives of students were deeply appreciated.

As the music played and laughter filled the air, it was evident that this prom would be etched into the memories of all who attended. Here's to a night of joy, celebration, and creating lasting memories for our extraordinary youth.

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