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Partnership4Success - SEARCH Developmental Relationships Survey Launch

Updated: Mar 15

Wednesday March 13, 2024

LTWLA participated in a developmental research survey launch with many relative organizations from Franklin County about Social Emotional Learning (SEL). The event was hosted by Partnership4Success, encompassing rates of successful relationships between youth and mentors/adults, and factors to increase this. The speakers highlighted their journeys within Franklin County and how their drive to positively impact youth has expanded the hands of Franklin County Children's Services across Columbus.

Partnership4Success broke down the statistics for how positive adult relationships led to the success of many students obtaining a diploma, increasing attendance at school, finding a career purpose, and pursuing higher education.

We discussed the 5 key elements of a developmental relationship and how to foster that into mentor/mentee relationships. The 5 elements are:

  1. Express Care

  2. Challenge Growth

  3. Provide Support

  4. Share Power

  5. Expand Possibilities

All of these elements are a part of the foundation of LTWLA's mission to inspire and develop youth to be prepared to enter the workforce. This training highlighted strategies to encourage mentors to take it up a notch in their approach to guide students and focus on their strengths to support them. Thank you Partnership4Success for the valuable data and statistical proof of how we have made a change right here in Columbus!

For research evidence, please visit their website:


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