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Sixth Grade Graduation Ceremony: A Celebration of Growth and Achievement at Livingston Elementary 

Friday, June 14, 2024

Well, that’s a wrap for elementary school! Our sixth graders at Livingston Elementary had a memorable graduation ceremony to celebrate their achievements and the exciting new world they will enter: Junior High! We are incredibly proud of all that are graduating from the 6th grade but especially proud of the youth that participated in our K-8 program with Lead The Way Learning Academy.

We know that it was not an easy task, but they did it with the help of our extra academic support and Social-emotional learning lessons. 

When we first met our students, many did not try very hard, show respect, or excel academically. However, throughout the school year, we have seen a remarkable transformation. Their teachers have reported significant improvements in manners, communication, and academics. One student shared, "Before you got here, no one believed in us. Since you have all been here, we actually feel like someone cares. Thank you for believing in us."

The ceremony itself was amazing. The students performed "A Million Dreams" and "Rewrite The Stars" from The Greatest Showman, showcasing their talent and hard work. Additionally, the event featured a photo booth and delicious refreshments, making it a joyous occasion for all.

Special awards were given to a few outstanding students for perfect attendance, Student of the Month, and Most Improved. We are thrilled to announce that all these awards went to our students, highlighting their dedication and progress.

The program was a beautiful tribute to the growth and achievements of our youth. We look forward to seeing them continue to excel and thrive in Junior High!

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