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West HS Student's Passionate Performance at the 13th Annual CCS Poetry Slam

Saturday, April 27, 2024

De'Mon Burse-Wilborn is a high school student at West High School who had always been passionate about writing and performing poetry. When he heard about the 13th Annual Columbus City Schools Poetry Slam, he knew he had to participate. De'Mon spent weeks crafting his poem, pouring his heart and soul into every line. On the day of the competition, he stepped onto the stage with confidence, ready to share his work with the world.

As De'Mon performed his poem, the audience was captivated by his words and the emotion behind them. His voice was strong and his delivery powerful, leaving a lasting impact on everyone in the room. We recognize De'Mon's talent and passion for poetry. In the end, De'Mon performed well in the competition, a great showcase of his hard work and dedication to his craft. The experience of participating in the Poetry Slam inspired De'Mon to continue pursuing his love of writing and performing, knowing that his voice had the power to move and inspire others.

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