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Daughters Den Inspires Tomorrow's Leaders at The Graham School In Honor of Women's History Month

Tuesday, March 26, 2024

In honor of Women’s History Month, Daughters Den co-founder, Chavaughn Gibson, visited The Graham School to highlight the challenges of today’s young women and how Daughters Den addresses them. Juniors from LTWLA, TGS’s Rox Club, or both, were in attendance. While the target audience predominantly consists of female-identifying individuals, there were three male students present as allies. They were glad to learn about this resource and agreed to help spread the word to their peers. 

Ms. Gibson facilitated an engaging conversation with hands eagerly raising throughout the room. She asked about their jobs, personal experiences with art therapy, and whether any had pursued entrepreneurial opportunities. One student pointed out the importance of proximity when finding a job, especially when considering transportation. Another student spoke about her counselor guiding her through painting her emotions. This courageous sharing exhibited the openness of the discussion, encouraging other students to share their thoughts. The example set by one speaker created an impactful ripple effect throughout the discussion. 

Ms. Gibson rounded out the visit by encouraging students to stick with their current endeavors, explaining that starting young is a gift that can grow into life-changing trajectories for their futures. Daughters Den and The Graham School are both strong supporters of Women’s History Month and its impact on our society at large. Since its inception in 1987, this dedicated month has brought women’s issues and empowerment to the collective consciousness of Americans. It's clear this sentiment continues to sprout and grow in the minds of today’s youth as well. 


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