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Empowering Youth: Insights from Diverse Career Paths

Monday, February 12, 2024

The youth of The Charles School recently engaged in an enlightening event featuring guest speakers Donte Woods and Ray Greene, who shared invaluable insights on career awareness, financial literacy, and their personal journeys in education and profession.

Donte Woods, renowned as the proprietor of Columbus's beloved soul food eatery, Str8 Out The Kitchen, shared his remarkable journey in the culinary realm. He elaborated on the tenacity and bravery required to establish his business, which has since expanded into multiple successful franchises. Mr. Woods underscored the significance of seizing opportunities and forging meaningful connections along the path to success.

Following Mr. Woods, Ray Greene, esteemed as the head manager at Gucci and a prominent figure in the Columbus fashion scene, shared her compelling narrative. From attending an art-centric high school to pursuing fashion studies at OSU and obtaining her MBA, Miss Greene illuminated the transformative power of following one's passions. She emphasized the vast array of opportunities available when one ventures beyond conventional pathways.

Both speakers imparted invaluable wisdom, emphasizing the importance of pursuing one's passions and embracing the multitude of opportunities that may lie beyond one's immediate perception. Their inspiring words left a lasting impact, empowering our youth to embark on their own journeys with confidence and determination. We extend our sincere gratitude to Mr. Woods and Miss Greene for their inspiring contributions.

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