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Fun and Frugal Finds: A Day of Thrifting and Game Show Battles with LTWLA Staff

Friday, April 26, 2024

Our LTWLA team set out on an enjoyable Friday adventure to celebrate "Staff Fun Friday" where we explored thrift stores like Goodwill and Volunteers of America, as well as Discount Fashion Warehouse, to acquire business casual attire to enhance our wardrobe.

After thrifting, the team enjoyed a satisfying lunch at McAllister's Deli and had the opportunity to experience amazing hospitality at the Hilliard location in Columbus, such a treat!

Subsequently, the team headed to the Game Show Battle Room for a day full of fun, ambitious games, and to celebrate comradery amongst our staff . Our staff enjoyed several competitive games, where the host was able to test our speed, reflexes, guessing skills, and how well we know our colleagues by guessing what their reactions would be in a variety of crafted scenarios.

Our hope is to foster team work and collaboration as motivation for our coaches to continue shaping the minds of the youth through workforce development and positive mentoring. Thank you to Game Show Battle Room and our team for a successful Fun Friday!

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