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Ignite Tomorrow Conference 

Tuesday, May 7 - May 8, 2024 


The two-day Ignite Tomorrow Conference, hosted at Center of Science and Industry - COSI, left attendees buzzing with excitement and newfound inspiration. Sponsored by Partnership4Success and Franklin County Department of Job and Family Services, with collaboration from various AMP providers, the event was hailed as a resounding success. The conference served as a platform for individuals to connect, learn, and grow, with a diverse range of topics covered to cater to the needs of all participants.

LTWLA played a pivotal role in the conference, with Director of Business Operations, Brea Porter, AMP Career Coach Frederick Lee, and Career Coach Specialist Johnny Sinkfield, taking the stage to deliver captivating talks. From Communication Skills to Professional Branding, attendees gained invaluable insights and practical skills to navigate their personal and professional journeys. The breakout sessions, which delved into areas such as Mental Health, Digital Literacy, Self-Advocacy, and Financial Literacy, provided further enrichment and empowerment for all those in attendance.

Participants departed the conference not only with job prospects but also with newfound connections, smiles, and a plethora of resources from the diverse range of vendors present. A special acknowledgment is extended to Lead The Way AMP youth, Anwar Ali from Horizon Science Academy, and Alina Alvarado & Aaliyah Crooms from West High School, for their significant contributions as part of the peer Leadership Council. Their involvement added immense value to the overall experience of the conference.


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