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LTW's Impact: Elevating Education and Empowering Youth at GMHS

Updated: Apr 23

Wednesday, April 10, 2024

In just a few years, Lead The Way Learning Academy (LTW) has become an integral part of the educational landscape at Groveport Madison High School (GMHS), catalyzing a transformation towards academic excellence and youth empowerment.

From its modest beginnings, LTW has rapidly evolved into a catalyst for positive change within GMHS. What began as a simple presence in the school lunchroom has blossomed into a dynamic partnership that is revolutionizing the educational experience for students across the entire district.

At the recent GMHS School Board Meeting, LTW's Executive Director, Anthony Murphy, and Director of Business Operations, Brea Porter, showcased the remarkable outcomes and ambitious plans that are shaping the future of education at GMHS. With a bold vision and unwavering commitment, LTW unveiled a comprehensive roadmap to expand its services district-wide, ensuring that every student has access to essential support and resources.

The partnership between LTW and GMHS represents more than just a collaboration; it embodies a shared dedication to fostering growth, empowerment, and success for every student. By leveraging their collective expertise and resources, LTW and GMHS are making a tangible difference in the lives of countless individuals within the district.

The impact of LTW's initiatives is undeniable, as evidenced by the impressive outcomes achieved:

  • Over 300 youth have been served through the A.M.P. Program, funded by Franklin County Job and Family Services (FCJFS), with an additional 265 non-A.M.P. youth receiving support.

  • An astounding 98.6% graduation rate was achieved for the GMHS class of 2023 seniors enrolled with LTWLA, thanks to tailored support and guidance.

  • LTWLA's provision of Industry Recognized Credentials (IRCs) contributed to a 10% increase in GMHS graduation numbers.

  • Career Readiness programming boasted a remarkable 91% positive outcome rate within one year of graduation, encompassing enrollment, employment, enlistment, entrepreneurship, or trades.

  • 64 GMHS students earned prestigious 12-point IRC seals or Pre-apprenticeship seals during the summer of 2023.

LTWLA facilitated invaluable connections between GMHS students and a diverse array of esteemed employers, opening doors to opportunities with Turner Construction, Anderson Concrete, AmerisourceBergen, GAP, Columbus Fire, and many more.

As LTW continues to make strides in elevating education and empowering youth at GMHS, the future holds boundless promise for students, educators, and the entire community. Together, LTW and GMHS are paving the way for a brighter tomorrow, where every student has the opportunity to thrive and succeed.


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