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From High School Senior to Future Engineer: How Coaching Helped New Albany HS Student Pursue His Career Aspirations

Updated: May 13

Wednesday, May 8, 2024

Thomas Roberts, a senior at New Albany High School, recently delivered his final presentation for his senior seminar course. During his presentation, Thomas discussed his aspirations of joining the National Air Guard and pursuing a career as an engineer, drawing inspiration from his mentor in the field. However, the main focus of his presentation was on coaching.

Thomas passionately shared his experiences coaching youth lacrosse players alongside his father, highlighting the profound impact it has had on him. He eloquently articulated the various facets of coaching, both in sports and in life. Thomas conducted research on his favorite coaches and discussed some of their important quotes, methods, and principles.

Importantly, Thomas emphasized the significance of coaching and its relevance to his own life journey. He reflected on the guidance and support he has received from Coach Horsley throughout his senior year, acknowledging the invaluable role of mentorship in helping him navigate towards his goals.


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