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GMHS Students Dive Into OSU's Campus Life

Thursday, December 7, 2023

Today, the juniors and seniors of Groveport-Madison High School, also members of Lead the Way Learning Academy, embarked on an enriching journey at The Ohio State University's main campus.  The comprehensive tour included visits to OSU's student hall, library, athletic department, football stadium and the Black Cultural Center. Guided by Mr. Thomas, Assistant Director of The National Resource Center on the African American Male, Dr. Luckey, Interim Director of the Black Cultural Center, and four current OSU students actively involved in fraternities, clubs, and more, the students gained firsthand experience of campus life. Three out of the eleven participants have already applied to enroll at the university. Engaged and fascinated, participants explored potential opportunities at OSU over the next four years post-high school graduation.

The speakers provided honest recommendations and valuable insights, including information into the popular majors at OSU, such as business, pre-med, engineering, nursing and law.  The speakers covered essential topics such as applying for as many scholarships aa possible, their importance, time management, freedom and finances. Comparisons between high school and college life played an important part of discussion. In summary, the field trip was a great success, leaving students with the impression that OSU is a major possibility for their future education. A heartfelt thank you to the faculty of the Office of Diversity and Inclusion and our four student ambassadors! We look forward to future experiences with Lead the Way Learning Academy.


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