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LTWLA Hosts Inspiring "Growing Up Black Girl" Event at their Headquarters

Thursday, February 29, 2024

Lead The Way had the privilege in partaking in the "Growing Up Black Girl" event hosted by Daughters Den which encompassed an intergenerational, moderated discussion on mental health, healing, and resilience. Two of our very own, The Charles School (TCS) youth, Mckenzie Lancaster and Jayleyana Peake, partook in the discussion panel and represented Lead The Way through demonstrating vulnerability, compelling conversation, and leadership. The event was moderated by Jayleyana Peake (TCS senior) and Quanishia Gibson, a co-founder of Daughters Den, and a mental health professional at Victory Mental Health Services where she focuses on web content creation. The panelist participants included Leslie Alexander (RN/Mental Health

Advocate), Sydney Chestnut (Owner of Self Made Couture clothing/Corporate Tech Professional), and Sadia Moussaddak (Tech Professional). The workshop was led by Tifani K, a skilled trauma breathwork specialist who demonstrated breathing and meditative exercises. She dove into grounding tools, focusing on inner self, and learning techniques to be present.

During the discussion, the panelists shared insights on their childhood, relationships with their parents, the experience of growing up as black girls, societal and family traumas, and more. The conversation covered the highs and lows of being a Black girl in America, touching on discrimination, the significance of hair, experiences of sexual assault, relationships with money, and the traumas carried into adulthood. Despite challenges, the panelists emphasized the importance of forgiveness, therapy, and self-advocacy. They displayed courage and vulnerability, inspiring guests to stand up for themselves and find safe spaces for self-identification and expression. Thank you to Daughters Den and our remarkable youth for producing and participating in such a transformational event.

For more information about Daughters Den and upcoming events, please visit their website:


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