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New Albany HS Students Explore Career Opportunities at Junior Achievement Inspire Job Fair

Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Today, a group of enthusiastic youth from New Albany High School embarked on an enriching field trip to the Junior Achievement Inspire job fair at the Ohio Expo Center. Throughout the event, youth actively engaged with hiring managers and deepened their understanding of each participating organization. Their keen interest and active involvement were evident, demonstrating their eagerness to explore potential career opportunities.

Several prominent companies, including Aveda Institute, AEP Ohio, Goodwill Columbus, and Creative Foundations, were present to offer valuable insights into their operations. Students had the opportunity to gather informative literature about each company, enriching their understanding of various industries.

Notably, some students seized the opportunity to take proactive steps towards their career aspirations by submitting applications and scheduling interviews. This proactive approach reflects the students' enthusiasm and readiness to embark on their professional journeys.


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