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Proud Partnerships and Community Service: Celebrating Earth Day with LTWLA and the Columbus Chamber of Commerce

Updated: Apr 24

Thursday, April 18, 2024 

In the spirit of Earth Day, LTWLA is thrilled to announce our collaboration with the Columbus Chamber of Commerce for a Day of Service, demonstrating our commitment to community and environmental stewardship. This partnership reflects our shared values and dedication to positively impacting our local environment.

This year, our Earth Day celebration occurred at Linden Park in association with the Keep Columbus Beautiful initiative. Keep Columbus Beautiful plays a crucial role in our community, focusing on education and volunteerism to address critical environmental issues such as litter, recycling, and beautification efforts.

During the event, volunteers from LTWLA and other community members engaged in vital activities such as general park cleanup and preparations for the upcoming season in the pollinator garden. These efforts enhance the beauty of our local parks and support biodiversity and ecological health.

The day was about hard work, community bonding, and enjoyment. Volunteers were treated to coffee and ice cream before and after the cleanup, providing an excellent opportunity to connect with fellow community members and discuss further initiatives.

Our partnership with the Columbus Chamber of Commerce and participation in Keep Columbus Beautiful's programs underscore our dedication to serving and enhancing our community. Through these collaborations, we can make a significant difference, ensuring a greener, cleaner, and more beautiful environment.

We look forward to future opportunities to serve and celebrate our community, embodying the spirit of Earth Day every day. Together, we are making strides towards a better world.


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