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Resilience and Leadership: New Albany HS Student's Journey On and Off the Lacrosse Field

Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Thomas Roberts, a senior at New Albany High School, recently demonstrated remarkable resilience and determination during today's lacrosse game against St. Charles. Despite facing a challenging opponent on their home turf, Thomas exhibited both skill and determination throughout the match.

While the game ended in defeat for Thomas and his team, it was clear that they had given their all on the field. Thomas's performance stood out, showcasing his athleticism and unwavering spirit. Despite the loss, Thomas's resilience and commitment to his team were evident to all who watched.

Behind Thomas's success on the lacrosse field is the unwavering support of his Career Coach, Mr. Horsley. Coach Horsley attended the game to cheer on Thomas and provide encouragement, demonstrating his dedication to supporting his students both academically and athletically.

In addition to excelling in lacrosse, Thomas is also preparing for a significant milestone in his life: enlisting in the Air Force. With Coach Horsley's support, Thomas is equipped with the skills and mindset needed to face the challenges ahead.

As Thomas continues to pursue his goals, both on and off the field, his determination and resilience serve as an inspiration to his teammates and peers alike. Whether facing opponents on the lacrosse field or preparing for his future in the Air Force, Thomas Roberts exemplifies the true spirit of a leader and a champion, with Coach Horsley by his side every step of the way.

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