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The Charles School Students Explore Opportunities at The Ohio State University

Wednesday, April 10, 2024

The Charles School students embarked on a field trip to The Ohio State University (OSU), engaging in a campus tour and admissions presentation. They were introduced to a myriad of opportunities ranging from majors, programs, campus life, to various organizations and social settings in Columbus. The presentation encompassed insights into Greek life, culinary delights, community partnerships, and more. OSU's distinguished academic rankings, community involvement, and renowned educational offerings, which have contributed significantly to the growth of Columbus, were highlighted.

Subsequent to the presentation, under the guidance of Coach Warda, the students embarked on a comprehensive tour of the expansive campus. They explored notable landmarks such as The Office of Diversity and Inclusion, Mirror Lake, Thompson Library, and The Oval. Inside Hale Hall, they admired exquisite artwork celebrating African American culture and history followed by a visit to Mirror Lake, which provided a glimpse of current OSU students enjoying the natural surroundings. The tour continued to the library, where the students were elevated to the 11th floor of the library and were treated to breathtaking views of the campus and the city of Columbus.

Discussions on the school's rich history and vibrant campus life served as motivation for the students to strive for similar achievements and be able to envision their life at a big school. The students cherished the experience, and Lead The Way expresses gratitude for the opportunity to facilitate such exploration. Heartfelt thanks are extended to OSU and its admissions team for their invaluable insights.


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