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Triumph on the Field: Groveport Madison High School's Powder Puff Success

November 9, 2023

The junior and senior girls of Groveport Madison High School enthusiastically participated in Groveport's Powder Puff Football Event. The senior girls secured a victory and brought back the win for their class with an impressive shutout score of 22-0! Woohoo! A huge congratulations to the talented members of the class of 2024: Laniyah Curry, MiAngel Cochran, Rayanna Theiry, Taesheonnia Ward, Ramatoulaye Fall and Eva Debessay! Best of luck next to the rising class of 2025: Alexiah Flood, Saniya Buck and Aniyah Middlebrook!

A special thank you goes out to our dedicated referees for ensuring a fair event, including seniors Shakim Williams and Savon Dennis who are also part of the Lead the Way Learning Academy program. Another shout-out to the coaches, seniors Landon Dade and Quincy Butler. Nice job everyone!

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