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West HS Senior Dinner Celebrates Achievements 

Wednesday, May 15, 2024

The West High School Senior dinner was a joyous occasion filled with celebration, family engagement, and delightful surprises. Among the highlights of the evening, many LTWLA seniors proudly received their graduation cords, marking a significant milestone in their academic journey. Notably, Tiyshuan Carreker and Aiyanna Johnson were honored as recipients of the Alumni Scholarships, recognizing their outstanding achievements. Esmeralda Lozano was also celebrated for her remarkable academic excellence, being selected as the Salute Valedictorian of the 2024 class.

Thirteen participants were awarded The Columbus Promise Scholarships by I Know I Can, signaling a bright future ahead as they pledged to their respective colleges. Remarkably, ten out of the thirteen recipients will attend Columbus State Community College tuition-free, thanks to the Columbus Promise initiative. Others have chosen prestigious institutions such as The Ohio State University, Kent State University, and the University of Cincinnati. Additionally, six deserving youths were recognized with Honor cords for maintaining a GPA of 3.0 or higher, while five participants have successfully completed College Credit Plus courses, earning three credit hours or more. Aiyanna Johnson's induction into the National Honor Society further underscores the outstanding achievements of the Lead the Way Learning Academy participants, reflecting their dedication to academic and career excellence as they reap the rewards of their hard work and determination.

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