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Broadening Horizons: COTA Field Trip Inspires Youth Beyond Bus Rides

Updated: Feb 5

Thursday, February 1, 2024

In a recent eye-opening excursion, students from West High School embarked on a field trip that transcended the conventional notion of public transportation. The Columbus Ohio Transit Authority (COTA), typically perceived as a bus company, revealed its intricate network of moving parts, leaving an indelible impression on the young minds.

Jahmere, a star basketball player at the high school, expressed his newfound appreciation, stating, "It was good; I feel like I learned something new from it." The experience broadened his perspective beyond the court, introducing him to the multifaceted operations of COTA.

LaShawnn Bolding, another rising star on the basketball team, was surprised to discover the level of professionalism required for a COTA driver. He shared, "I learned that you have to actually be like a semi-professional to drive for COTA, taking 7 weeks of training." The revelation highlighted the dedication and skill set demanded by seemingly unconventional career paths.

For Sabrin, the field trip sparked a curiosity about potential job opportunities over the summer. The exposure to COTA's diverse workforce prompted her to explore new horizons and contemplate the varied roles available, contributing to her career aspirations.

The engaging tour not only showcased the intricacies of COTA but also served as a catalyst for broader thinking among the youth. Exposing them to unconventional career paths and opportunities, the field trip aimed to inspire a shift in mindset. By fostering a spirit of exploration, the educators behind the initiative hope to empower the youth with the knowledge that transcends traditional classroom boundaries.

In the end, the COTA field trip was more than a journey through a transit system; it was a gateway to new possibilities. It reinforced the idea that learning extends beyond textbooks, and exposing youth to diverse experiences can shape their futures in unexpected and enriching ways.

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