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Lead the Way Youth Shine in Groveport Madison's Basketball Triumph

Updated: Jan 19

January 16, 2024

The Groveport Madison High School boys' basketball team delivered an unforgettable performance against Hilliard Darby on January 16th. Dominating the game from start to finish, the team secured a remarkable 20-point lead, showcasing not just skill but also exceptional teamwork and strategy. Key players Justus Jackson and Savon Dennis, both from Lead the Way Learning Academy, were instrumental in this victory. They demonstrated outstanding athletic prowess, effectively 'holding down the fort' and contributing significantly to the team's success.

The energy and spirit on the court were matched by enthusiastic support from the sidelines. Lead the Way students Rayanna Thierry and Mi’Angel Cochran played a vital role in boosting the team's morale. Their cheers and encouragement exemplified the unity and camaraderie that define the Cruisers. This spirited support undeniably contributed to the team's high morale, fueling their drive towards victory.

This game was more than just a win for the Groveport Madison boys' basketball team; it was a testament to the impact of youth involvement in sports. The Lead the Way students, both on and off the court, showed how determination, teamwork, and school spirit can lead to outstanding achievements. Their performance and support are a source of pride for the academy and an inspiration to their peers. The Cruisers' victory is a celebration of young talent and the powerful influence of positive youth engagement in sports.

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