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LTWLA Joins Forces with Rising Youth for A Collaborative Career Fair Experience

Updated: Mar 27

Thursday, March 21, 2024

Being similar in mission and passion, Lead The Way Learning Academy and Rising Youth came together for a career fair wherein students did a passport-style discovery of various Columbus organizations representing the opportunities they offer. Coach Alyson set up her table with plenty of LTWLA goodies and welcomed students of all ages, focusing on those belonging in 11th and 12th grade. For the younger ones, Coach Alyson initiated conversation about the youth’s future interests and possibilities.

The Graham School has a few students who participate in both Rising Youth and Lead The Way Learning Academy, and Coach Alyson’s goal was to raise awareness of how LTWLA can be a great complement to Rising Youth if students were not yet part of both. For students who attended schools not yet in the LTWLA network, Coach Alyson talked about the wonderful resource available called Ready 2 Earn (R2E). She explained that R2E offers paid summer internships and programs that can be a boon to students’ resumes and overall experience in the real world. Several non-LTWLA youth signed up for more information about R2E, and it was Coach Alyson’s genuine pleasure to shed light on some exciting summer options.

While in attendance, Coach Alyson made the acquaintance of her table neighbors. She was proud to elaborate on LTWLA’s mission and vision and how they are physically in the schools and impacting youth on a tangible level. The City of Columbus Civil Service Commission as well as the city’s Recreation and Parks Department have many exciting job positions and youth programs that could serve as an opportunity for collaboration to come.

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