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LTWLA Staff Discuss Opportunities With WGU

Updated: Dec 10, 2023

Friday, December 1, 2023

In a significant step toward advancing educational opportunities, Rachel Lemaster (Strategic Partnerships Manager), representing Western Governors University (WGU), recently engaged with the Lead The Way Learning Academy (LTWLA) staff to strengthen their collaborative efforts.  The meeting, held at LTWLA headquarters, focused on exploring a strategic partnership, scholarship opportunities, and the diverse array of course offerings provided by WGU.

The partnership aims to enhance educational pathways for students and staff associated with LTWLA, providing them with access to quality higher education through WGU's innovative and flexible programs.  Rachel Lemaster, a key representative from WGU, shared insights into the scholarship opportunities available for students and staff seeking to pursue higher education.

Discussions during the meeting revolved around aligning WGU's course offerings with LTWLA's mission of empowering youth through workforce development.  WGU's commitment to competency-based learning and student-focused education presents an exciting opportunity for LTWLA to further enrich the learning experiences of its students.

"We are thrilled about the possibilities that this partnership brings," said Anthony Murphy, Executive Director of Lead The Way Learning Academy. "Access to scholarship opportunities and a diverse range of courses from Western Governors University opens up new horizons for our students and staff, aligning perfectly with our commitment to providing them with the best educational resources."

The collaboration between WGU and LTWLA signifies a shared dedication to fostering educational excellence and creating pathways for students and staff to achieve their academic and career aspirations.  As discussions progress, both institutions are optimistic about the positive impact this partnership will have on the educational journey of the youth served by LTWLA.

For further information on this collaboration or to inquire about scholarship opportunities, please contact Anthony Murphy, Executive Director of Lead The Way Learning Academy, at

About Western Governors University: Western Governors University is a non-profit, online university known for its competency-based learning model, designed to meet the needs of remote learners and working adults.  WGU offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs across diverse fields.

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