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New Albany High School's Registration Night: A Success for LTWLA Recruitment Efforts

Coaches Horsley and Devon eagerly participated in the Registration Night event hosted by New Albany High School at their middle school location. The primary objective was to introduce and recruit new students for LTWLA. The event provided an excellent platform for engaging with parents and students alike.

The response from parents was exceptionally positive, demonstrating a genuine interest in the career readiness program offered by LTWLA. Many parents expressed enthusiasm about the unique opportunities and benefits that the program could provide for their children's educational and professional development.

Moreover, students exhibited a palpable excitement upon learning about the diverse offerings of LTWLA. The prospect of acquiring valuable skills, exploring potential career paths, and engaging in hands-on learning experiences resonated positively with the students.

During the event, Coaches Horsley and Devon took the opportunity to showcase the distinct features and advantages of LTWLA. They highlighted the personalized mentorship, real-world exposure, and comprehensive skill development that the program offers to prepare students for success in their future careers.

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