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New Albany HS Students Explore Higher Education at CSCC

Friday, April 12, 2024

Coach Horsley and Coach Devon recently led a small group of ambitious New Albany HS students on an enlightening journey to Columbus State Community College (CSCC). These students, with a thirst for knowledge and a passion for diverse fields of study, eagerly embraced the opportunity to explore the offerings of higher education. Renowned for its wide array of academic programs and supportive learning environment, students learned about business and healthcare to arts and sciences. These students were eager to discover their academic passions and chart their paths toward successful futures.

During the visit, the students were warmly welcomed by campus staff and faculty who provided insightful guidance and invaluable information about the various programs available. From state-of-the-art facilities to hands-on learning opportunities, CSCC left a lasting impression on the students, igniting their excitement for the possibilities that higher education could offer.

Coaches Horsley and Devon, facilitated meaningful interactions and encouraged the students to ask questions, explore their interests, and envision their dreams. As the day concluded, the students left CSCC inspired and motivated, armed with newfound knowledge and a clearer sense of direction for their academic journeys ahead.

For these students, the visit to Columbus State Community College was more than just a campus tour—it was a transformative experience that sparked a sense of purpose and ignited a passion for lifelong learning. Thanks to the guidance and support of Coaches Horsley and Devon, these students are now poised to embark on their academic pursuits with confidence and determination.


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